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Property Ownership Laws and Conditions for Foreigners in Turkey

Turkey’s allure for foreign property investors remains strong, thanks to its stunning landscapes, dynamic economy, and favorable ownership conditions. But before diving into this exciting market, it’s crucial to understand the latest regulations and requirements.

Ownership Law Update:

  • Law No. 6302, abolishing reciprocity for foreigners, still stands. All nationalities are welcome to purchase property in Turkey!

General Conditions:

  • Age requirement remains at 18 years old.
  • Legal capacity to manage finances and pay property taxes are still essential.

Special Conditions:

  • The maximum land ownership for foreigners increased from 30 hectares to 60 hectares with Cabinet approval.
  • Military and security zone restrictions remain in place.
  • Protected area restrictions may vary, so research each property carefully.

Purchase Process:

  • The general steps for selecting, negotiating, and finalizing the purchase remain the same.

Required Documents:

  • A valid passport is still mandatory.
  • Residence permit requirement is no longer mandatory for purchasing property.
  • Other documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, and police clearance certificates may be requested depending on the situation.

Fees and Taxes:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) stays at 18%.
  • Property Registration Tax remains at 2%.
  • Property Transfer Tax might have recently changed, so confirm the current rate before finalizing any deal.

Investment Advantages:

  • Turkey’s location, economy, and infrastructure remain compelling factors.
  • Reasonable property prices compared to many other investment destinations.
  • Diversified opportunities ranging from apartments and villas to land and commercial properties.


With its open arms and updated regulations, Turkey continues to be a promising market for foreign property investors. Stay informed about any legal changes, conduct thorough research, and partner with a reliable local agent for a smooth and successful journey towards Turkish real estate ownership.